EM Technology™ for Rescuing Thailand

Thailand is facing a major flood causing more than 500 death and millions of affected people.
The flooding has been affected approximately six million hectares of land, in 58 provinces from Chiang Mai in the North to areas of the capital city, Bangkok.

The flood control comittee of the government leading by the Ministrer of Defence and the Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, requested our partner in Thailand, EMRO Asia to cooperate in a joint project to apply EM Technology in 12 inundated disposal sites to control the stench as a part of the floods countermeasures.

In doing this, EM tanks were prepared in the army base of Lopburi province, central Thailand to produce Activated EM•1® to be used in the relevant disposal sites and also to be distributed freely to the people in need. 

Last October 20th, the staff of EMRO Asia along with the army personnel has inspected the affected areas toured by a helicopter.

thai_flood_1 thai_flood_2
thai_flood_3 thai_flood_4

 Aerial view of central Thailand, October 20th


After the opening ceremony on October 29th, to launch the project rescuing the affected dump sites, around 25 military vehicles carried 200,000 liters of Activated EM•1® and 50,000 EM mudballs to be applied to the landfills of Phitsanulok province.

fire_tanks_mudballs military_tank
EMAS_injecting_dumpsite injecting_EMAS

200,000 liters of Activated EM and 50,000 EM mudballs have been injected into the landfills of Phitsanulok province.

Today Thai people are making EM mudballs volunteerly everywhere in the country to contribute to the control of bad odors and sanitary condition in the flooded areas.
Below, views of the EM mudballs movement of volunteers joining EMRO Asia staff.

making_mudballs making_mudballs_2
making_mudballs_3 tanks

Further, the royal army in joint program with EMRO Asia has installed EM tanks around Bangkok for free distribution.
They are providing 20,000 liters of Activated EM•1® per day.

You can  also see some news by clicking on the links below:

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at Don Muang district in northern Bangkok providing affected people with relief items. 
The Prime Minister herself pumped EM mudballs. 

EM balls produced by royal project - The Nation

EM balls for Wastewater Purification Measures in Thailand Floods - Distributed Freely Everywhere
Bangkok Keizai Shinbum (Japanese only)

TV news on volunteers gathering the most central part of Bangkok approaching to make 100,000 EM mudballs (Thai only).

YOUTUBE - News 1

YOUTUBE - News 2

YOUTUBE - News 3

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For further information please contact our partner in Thailand at:

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