Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is to create a fulfilling and sustainable society in order to solve existing problems regarding food, the environment, human health, natural resources, energy, and education through the application of EM. The EMRO Group will fulfill not only our legal and economic responsibilities, but also the following social responsibilities.

EMRO Group’s CSR

We will

Recognize and understand various environmental and social problems and provide solutions to the problems through our business activities. In partnership with our stakeholders, establish a common sense of values in relation to identified problems and their potential solutions. Contribute to a society in which people can live comfortably (feel secure) and in which people are both physically and mentally healthy.

To fulfill our corporate social responsibilities, we are engaged in the following fields using EM.


Facilitate a kind of agriculture that is not depended on pesticides or chemical fertilizer.


Purify the environment and contribute to natural restoration.


Create an environment in which both humans and other living things can live in a physically and mentally healthy state by reducing the use of harmful chemical substances.


Effectively recycle organic resources such as food wastes, food residue, feces and urine by means of EM fermentation.


Support educational activities with a theme of environmental study.


Uphold the safety management of our products and create an employment environment in which safety is a paramount consideration.


Conduct activities to clean up the environment as well as support various voluntary activities including disaster recovery.

Enhance Diversity of Microorganisms

EMRO Group’s Activity

Supporting an Orphan Home through Fresh Produces

S ince 2016, EM Technologies in Kenya donates EM vegetables and EM fruits grown on their model farm to Jump & Smile Centre, an AIDS orphan home established by ACEF.

Students Participate in Kingdom's Agriculture II

EMRO are providing EM and technical assistance for Bhutan’s School Agricultural Project. Today, approximately 100 schools are applying this program and conducting recycled base farming to raise chickens, pigs, fish, etc.

Volunteer Spirit for Growing Cherry Blossom

“International Institute for EM Technology” was establish in April 2007. EMRO Cooperates to organize workshops on EM Technology and give away Activated EM ・ 1 t o local residents for free. Also, we are regularly maintaining the cherry blossoms and campus garden.

Data Shows Decline of Radioactivity

After the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant accident, we providing EM and supporting volunteer organizations in Fukushima to reduce the radioactive concentration. Currently we are working together with close to 50 organizations

Please check the link below for more information on EM Group’s Social Contribution.

Case Studies – Social Contribution

EMRO is supporting the following organizations


Through United Networks for Earth Environment (U-Net), we promote purification of water system, resource recycling, environmental friendly agriculture. Also, we support the recovery of natural disaster including Fukushima Nuclear Power plant accident.


Green Home is a Support Facilities for Persons with Disabilities. They are packing EMRO’s product “Bokashi Pellet” for distribution in Okinawa.


Kirari is a sheltered workshop. They are packing EMRO’s product “Ton-chan (Bokashi)” and “Molasses” for Okinawa distribution.


EMRO regularly donate to UNICEF’s for children around the world. EMRO also worked with UNICEF Uganda to better the sanitary condition at a refugee camp.