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EM Agriton Belgium Celebrated 10th Anniversary

2 Sep 2013
EM Agriton Belgium has celebrated its 10th anniversary on August 25, 2013.
The president of EM Research Organization, Mr. Asato and the technical officer from EMRO Germany participated in the celebration. The directors of EM Agriton in Netherlands also had taken part in the event.


EM Agriton Belgium celebrated on this special occasion, a workshop as well regarding application of EM in gardening, household, making bokashi and learning on EM in livestock.

Congratulations EM Agriton Belgium! We hope much more anniversary celebrations in the future. 

For further information, please contact EM Agriton Belgium at:


Nieuwkerkestraat 19,8957 Mesen/Messines,
Tel: +32 57 366 163
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Mobile: +32 477 425 686
Email: jurgen@agriton.be
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