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30 Aug 2013

The NPO Toda EM People Net is dedicating to the promotion of recycling waste and makes compost using EM Technology in Toda city, Saitama prefecture.
Based on the concept of good service while contributing to the society, they work actively in the dissemination of EM organic farming, providing a solution for environmental problems such as industrial sewage treatment and grow flowers recycling the organic waste.

They collected the organic waste from houses of Toda city since 2002 and fermented with EM Bokashi and Activated EM?1�. 
The recycled waste converted into compost is used in the Recycling Flower Center. 
Therefore, they not only reduce waste, but also provide flowers to the city, approaching to develop a sustainable environment. 

The activity of this group was published in the Taiwanese magazine Common Wealth Magazine on April 3, 2013.
Click on Common Wealth Magazine to read the article (Chinese only)

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