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EM Spotted in the TV News

20 Dec 2017
EM Spotted in the TV News
Our partner in Costa Rica, Mr. Takatsuru Nishikawa of BIONOVATION, was interviewd by the TV news in Honduras to introduced EM Technology.

This is an abstract of the news in Spanish only:

It is a bless to have Mr. Takatsuru Nishikawa with EM Technology in Honduras since, EM・1 is used to purify water, decontaminate soil, enhance cultivation and control plague and bad odors. 
EM can be use to make compost reusing all organic residue from farms.
It is not a magic potion, it is a natural product cheaper than conventional chemical products.
It is also used in aquaculture, to control disease in shrimp or tilapia farming.
Yield could improve in 30% and is widely used in animal husbandry and even household to eliminate bad odors as well.

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