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A research using EM won a local competition in Germany

16 Feb 2018
A research using EM won a local competition in Germany
We received a great news that a research using EM won a competition in Germany.
Read the article here (in German)

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Here is the brief translation from the news.
115 young researchers presented their researches at a regional competition "Jugend forscht" in Friedrichshafen Dornier Museum, South Württemberg, Germany.   The finalists including Jasmin Gorzelany will from Hayingen made their ways to the state competition. 

The judge decided that the contribution by Daniel Sauter and Jasmin Gorzelany (both from Edith Stein School, Ravensburg) deserveds to win the competition.  They examined the influence of EM 1® and COBIOTEX® on the fattening performance and feed consumption of broiler chickens in organic farming. In their experiments, they collected data from EM area and Control area. There were 40 chickens in each area, and EM・1 was added to the drinking water for the chickens in EM area. COBIOTEX® was sprayed to the soil before they started the experiment. The chickens were controlled under Natureland Verband Guideline and each of them was weighed every week. They obrained stable and positive results from the experiment.  

*COBIOTEX® is a microbial product of Dietaxion, France.