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Ala Wai Canal Project

20 Dec 2019
Ala Wai Canal Project

EM Hawaii hosted an event where about 200 students of different ages made and threw Genki Balls (EM Mudballs) along the Ala Wai Canal after receiving official permit by the government.

Thanks to their efforts Hawaii hosted the First Toss of Genki Balls officially allowed into large bodies of water in the U.S.A.

EM Hawaii is searching for anyone who can help them fundraising for they costs for projects like Ala Wai Project. Click on Genki Ala Wai Challenge

For more information about Genki Ala Wai Project, their Instagram @em.hawaii.llc and Facebook page EM Hawaii LLC

EM Hawaii's project made it to the news, click on The Hawaai'i Herald
You can see it on YouTube: