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EM Technology for Horses

20 May 2020
EM Technology for Horses
Maxima Stables, located in Moscow, Russia, is one of the largest Equestrian Center in Europe.

They introduced *EM VITA, an EM product for animals, to control bad odors caused by the accumulation of horses' feces and urine.

EM VITA is applied in sites where horses are prepared for training, washing rooms, treadmill and sewage. 
After horses leave the training rooms, the staff apply EM VITA with sprinklers to keep rooms clean and free of odors.

See a short video about EM application in Maxima Stables.


*EM VITA is available in Russia only.

For further information, please contact:

OOO “Primorskiy EM-Center”
Mordovtseva Str, 8D, Vladivostok 690091 Russia
Tel: 8-800-333-65-95 (free call)
Fax: +7-4232-205-864
Email: info@em-russia.ru
Web: http://em-russia.ru/

*The picture above is courtesy of "Maxima Stables" and OOO “Primorskiy EM-Center”