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EM Organic Farm in Uganda

27 Apr 2015

They use EM・1 to make Activated EM・1 and make EM compost for growing bananas, papayas, mangoes, pineapples and as well as cows and chicken. 

This is an open farm and with a very natural environment with brilliant ideas such a green house made of pet bottles recycled.

Healthy chicken also eat the wealthy grown pineapples and papayas.


For further information, please contact our partner in Kenya at:

EMTEC Effective Microorganisms Technologies Ltd
P.O.Box 1365 - 60100 Embu
Tel: +254-721-640174/+254-61-2304748
Fax: +254-68-41074
Email: emtechkenya@gmail.com
Contact: Mr. Yasuo Shiojiri, Director