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Our NFT Marketplace is Now Open!

4 Oct 2023
Our NFT Marketplace is Now Open!
Through "the EM Universal Village Project in Kitanakagusuku", we aim to promote EM Technology and contribute to solving global environmental issues.

In collaboration with "RYUKYUVERSE", an NFT marketplace operated by RYUBO-Shoji exclusively features Okinawan products, we will offer NFT Microbial Art starting in late October.

Microbial Art involves creating artwork using microorganisms on an agar medium as a canvas, utilizing the unique colors of each microorganism as if they were paints.
What you see in the post is an example of the microbial art we produce. Purchasers of microbial art will have the privilege of having their acquired artwork displayed in the Biocycle Center. We invite you to visit the BioCycle Center to see the microbial art you've purchased. your support is greatly appreciated. 

Visit Our NFT Marketplace!

RYUKYUVERSE is an NFT Marketplace specializing in Okinawan products. Here, you can acquire Okinawan products and experiences while supporting the local production area.

●About NFT: Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset that uses blockchain technology. NFTs cannot be copied, duplicated, or tampered with, making it possible to create digital data with a unique certificate of ownership recognized worldwide.