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Latin American EM Producers Meeting 2014 held in Peru

28 Aug 2014

Latin American EM Producers Meeting 2014 held on august 21-23 in lima Peru with the participation of 13 partners from Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay along with EMRO's president and staff.

This time, instead of having lecture style presentations, participants were divided into several small groups to discuss more about interesting topics such as water treatment, composting, aquaculture and EM production plant design. Partners also had individual meetings with EMRO directors and staff to update on current activities. They all had a productive time to learn from each other.

The Latin American EM partners meeting closed with a field trip to Huaral in Peru.
EMRO partners went to a dairy cows farm and orange and tangerine farm. The owners of the cows said that they increased the income by using EM to make compost with cow manure. At the same time they control odors and stress to the animals by spraying EM.