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EM Model Farm in Vietnam on Air

24 Mar 2014

Bao Chau Farm is  located in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam and is applying EM Technology to treat the sawdust of the pig h ouses. 
Mr. Thang, the owner, is applying Activated EM-1 and EM5 to control odors and flies aiming make an environment free of stress. The pigs are also feed with EM fermented natural feed.

There is also a chicken farm applying the same system as the pig farm. 
Further, they recycled the sawdust from the pig houses to make EM compost and applied into a farmland.

This farm was featured on TV and highlighted as a model farm for growing healthy food, pesticide-free, and friendly to the environment.
Our technical officers were also on site for inspection and technical guidance. 

*Learn more on this farm at the article "EM Model Farm in Vietnam" 

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