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Rearing Fry and Releasing Salmon

13 Mar 2014

Salmon going upstream in Kitaura (Kasumigaura)

president of the Association for


We decided to carry out with the feeling that, Even if it may not work out, let's try it!
Can we do this in Hokota River? reverse floodgate? How about the impact on the ecosystem? Even though we faced such challenges, this project has already started and we had a hope that through it we might provide a special hope for children.

fish tank
, February 2, 2014

Hokota City, Ibaragi Prefecture.Nishidai Niji no Tomo groupCleaning up Kasumigaura)  Hatsue Ichimura (Vice Representative: a eyed eggs inThis effort began by asking for the cooperation of schools and households in December, 2009. This project involves cultivating about 100 However, we had various questions and concerns.   What about theCan they go through Kitaura(Kasumigaura)? normally 60cm deep, raising them to fry 5-7cm in size, and then releasing them into rivers (Hokota River, Daiya River, Tomoe River) between February and March, every year since 2010. They will grow and come back to Japan about four years (3-5 years) later.