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APNAN International Workshop

6 Mar 2014

The APNAN (Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network) International Workshop held in Thailand from February 24th to 27th.
34 participants from Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Estonia, Nepal, Bhutan and Japan took part in the workshop that held as usual every year.

They learned on Nature Farming and had training on practice at Saraburi Center.
The senior technical officers provided lectures on how to make EM bokashi and animal feed applying EM Technology.
One part of the farm demonstrates the difference between the original red soil of the land and the surface treated with EM Technology through a perforation of 1m deep in the soil.

The Center also grows animals such as pig and chicken and the participants learned how to chop vegetables residues mixing with EM Bokashi and used as feed for chicken.

Memorial picture of the participants                 Participants making EM Bokashi

Participants gathering at the chicken house     Pumping EM Mudballs into the pond

The staff showing the difference between the soil treated with EM and the original red soil 

The next International Workshop is scheduled for the summer.

For further information please contact APNAN at:

Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network (APNAN)

2F Kularb Apartment 29 Soi Suparat Phahonyothin Road Samsennai, 
Phayathai Bangkok 10400 Thailand
New Tel:+66-83-090-3308 (from 2013 Aug)
E-mail: apnanmail@yahoo.co.jp
Website: http://www.apnan.org