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EM™ Application in Crabs Production in China

10 Feb 2014

Jiangsu Province, near to Shanghai, is famous for being the cradle of the well known Shanghai crab. 

Today, Jiangsu Province has 200,000ha area of ponds dedicated to the production of Shanghai crabs. Meanwhile, due to the rapid economic growth in recent years, Jiangsu province is facing serious environmental pollution especially regarding water system pollution problems that make impact on the crab production.  

In addition, application of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormone is commonly use throughout the crab market but there is a movement arising to improve the image of the market these days and reduce the administration of medicine. 

Therefore, the water conservation and agricultural cooperatives of the government of Jiangsu province concerns on the production of Shanghai crabs and focused on the benefits of EM Technology™. 

They launched a project aiming to reduce the rate of mortality, use of chemicals while improve water quality through the purification of aquaculture effluents.

Equipment for activation of EM•1® and application of Activated EM•1® into the ponds 

As a pilot test they started on a 7ha area from June 2012 that ended successfully as expected for the first year. So, in 2013 the test area was expanded to 100ha with excellent results that the local government highly appreciated. 

This year, 2014, the project will be extended to a 1000ha area.

Application of Activated EM•1® into the production pond 

Article published at the popular Xinhua Daily newspaper

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