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EM Volunteer Groups Support Fukushima

24 Jan 2014

EM Volunteer Support groups from other prefectures such as Ibaraki and Yamagata arrived into Fukushima to take part in the EM Support Team.

In Iwaki Kanayama-cho, Activated EM-1 has been applied to eliminate odors of the drainage ditch and sewage pipes damaged by the earthquake.

By the request of the local volunteer organization, the NPO group Green Ibaraki Toride has carried one ton tank of Activated EM-1 and sprayed it in ten locations of the residential area.

EM Volunteers from Mie Prefecture also arrived into Fukushima to support with 10000 EM mudballs made by children, 500Lts of Activated EM-1, 300kg of EM Bokashi, etc.
They have been supplying the materials to the affected areas such as Koriyama City and performed cleanup work of the rivers and temporary housing during mid-July.

EM Volunteer Group from Yamagata Prefecture are also actively providing materials and work cooperation. 

This group was on site in early August providing one ton of Activated EM-1, 1800Lts of EM Bokashi and using two sprayer to cleanup houses and open spaces covered with rubble.