Case Studies

  • Fish Coming Back to the River

    Fish Coming Back to the River


    Sapato River in Brazil faced pollution, foul odors and lack of fauna, see the results after a year of EM treatment more

  • Successful No Tillage Farming

    Successful No Tillage Farming


    No tillage farming system was implemented in 1970 in Parana state.
    Mr. Uemura introduced EM Technology to fight disease and find an alternative to yield decreasing due to soil erosion. more

  • Healthy Garlic and Onions

    Healthy Garlic and Onions


    Tanabe Group Farm in Brazil has successfully introduced EM Technology to find a sustainable and biological way to fight resistance against herbicide, fungicide and insecticide. more

  • EM in Large Scale Farming

    EM in Large Scale Farming


    A very successful case in Brazil of EM application to 200,000 Hectares farm.

    It reduces costs.
    It keeps soil healthy.
    It keeps yield.
    It is safe, easy to use and low cost.
    It is sustainable!

  • Odor Suppression Technology at Low-cost

    Odor Suppression Technology at Low-cost


    Waste water flows to sewage plants. From the facilities, foul odor may emit. This became true and problematic in a developing city called Primavera do Leste, Brazil. There EM comes; EM Technology was used to suppress odor. The following result supports the effect and efficiency. Moreover, the application cost low. What is and how did EM Technology work at the city plant? more

  • Leaf Vegetables Immune To Disease

    Leaf Vegetables Immune To Disease


    Is it possible to grow healthy vegetables without insecticide? Here is a good example from Brazil where EM has been applied to make it happen, using hydroponics system. Key is the use of Activated EM・1. How to use it effectively is summarized in the following: