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APNAN International Workshop in Saraburi Center

19 Aug 2016
APNAN International Workshop in Saraburi Center

The APNAN (Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network) International Workshop held in Thailand from August 15th to 18th.

38 participants from 9 countries gathered at the Kyusei Nature Farming Saraburi Center to take part in the workshop. 

They had the opportunity to learn on Nature Farming and also train on practice at the model farm of Sara Buri Center.


They learned on practice how to make Activated EM・1, EM Bokashi and EM feed made with EM Bokashi.


Further, they took a guided tour to the musroom cultivation farm which is managed by the International School Students at Saraburi Center and the recycle site where remain of harvest and dry leaves are chopped and fermented with Activated EM・1 to make organic fertilizers.


Moreover, senior technical officers provided lectures on how to make apply EM Technology in nature farming.


Saraburi Center grows animals such as pig and chicken besides growing vegestables. 
Participants also enjoyed touching chicken, throwing EM Mudballs to ponds and having fresh fruits and vegetables harvested in the center farm. 


After three days of training at Saraburi Center, participants gathered to have part in the closing ceremony and party.
All the participants performanced songs and tradictional dances of each country.

The last day, they went on visit to the Recycle Center Pobsook.
This recycle center collects
organic waste from about 250 households. This waste is processed using Activated EM-1 and EM Bokashi for making organic fertilizers.
Further, this EM fertilizers are applied in surrounding parks and gardens. 
The Recycle Center Pobsook also pour Activated EM・1 voluntirly to the channels of the area to help purifying water bodies.