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Action To Save Amur Bay in Russia

9 Aug 2016
Action To Save Amur Bay in Russia

In June, 2016, OOO"Primorsky EM - Center", EMRO partner in Russia, organized in Vladivostok an environmental action named "Let us save the Amur Bay together!".
The problem of the inner part of the bay arose 4 years ago when low water bridge was build and almost fenced off this part from the main area of the bay.
As a result, water exchange between two parts of the bay became less than before. Therefore, unpleasant smell and silt appeared causing rapidly grow of sediments in the bottom.

Urgent measures and further monitoring were extremely needed. However, to launch a purification project it was necessary a big amount of fund.
Therefore, this project was launched on the crowd-funding platform of www.planeta.ru
More than half of the needed funds were collected and the project was successful and implemented.
Donations came from all over Russia and the project was supported by Vladivostok residents as well as Ufa, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and other cities and even, one representative from Poland.

The first stage of the action took place on July 11 when volunteers from the Far East State University made 35,000 clay balls fermented with EM solution.
On July 18, the matured EM mudballs were pumped into the waters of the Amur Bay.

Now OOO "Primorsky EM - Center" is supported by non-profit organizations, scientific institutions and other organizations, as well as some residents of the city of Vladivostok and the surrounding area.

Control samples of water and bottom sediments have been already taken and monitoring is also started.
Now, it is up to the scientists. They will monitor the status of water and sediment every month.





It will be possible to follow the progress of the action on the website of OOO Primorsky EM - Center www.em-dv.ru and Facebook.

This project has attracted public attention and now similar actions are being planned in the Republic of Khakassia and in the Krasnodar region (Gelendzhik) of Russia.

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