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EMRO Delegate in Russia

19 Aug 2013

On August 2, 2013 Mr. Shimoji, the technical officer of EM Research Organization in JAPAN visited a private Zoo "Sadgorod" in the suburbs of Vladivostok City. The zoo pets more than 200 of various animals and birds. The basic problem in the Zoo was specific smell of animals. 

Thanks to practical recommendations of Mr. Shimoji, a management of the Zoo (Director Sergey Askovin) will take the necessary  measures.

Earlier the branch of the Zoo located in Nadezhdinsky district of Primorskiy Kray, has given the report on use of Activated EM-1 for animals in its territory. Activated EM-1 applications has positively affected the conditions of the most problematic place in the zoo a pigsty.
Visitors now spend  much more time in a pigsty and do not hurry up to leave, clamping their noses.
In addition now there is a possibility to get a good fertilizer from pigs and rabbits bedding.

On August 3, 2013 EM Research Organization and Primorskiy EM Center experts visited the park of family rest named "Shtykovskye ponds".

Throughout 3 years the park management along with experts of Primorskiy EM Center are carrying out cleansing the main pond of the park using EM Technology.

For the  time being the basic parameters of water in the pond are  in accordance with the normal ones, however there is still a visual problem turbidity of water.

Mr. Shimoji (Technical officer of EMRO) examined the pond and offered the concrete scheme of processing the pond water and surrounding area using Activated EM-1 and EM mudballs.

Director of the park, Mr. Vladimir Kim, promised that the method will be tested in the nearest future with assistance of the Primorskiy EM Center.

An agreement also was signed between INFRC (International Nature Farming Research Center) and Primorskiy EM Center, in reference to Primorskiy EM Center to be the counterpart for any inquiry on Nature Farming in Russian.

This agreement would help for further cooperation within APNAN member countries (Southeast Asia) to establish a demonstration farm for nature farming using EM Technology. Mr. Ito, the Chairman of International Nature Farming Research Center, also provide several vegetable seeds developed by INFRC to the EM center.

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