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EM Sunshine Farm in the News

14 Aug 2013

This is an abstract of today's article published at the Okinawan local newspaper "Ryukyu Shimpo" in reference to the EM Sunshine Farm, former managed by EM Research Organization and now established as an independent agricultural production corporation.


Today, the EM Sunshine Farm is producing approximately 35 different items in an area of 12,000 square meters.
The vegetables grown at the farm are distributed to the EM Hotel Costa Vista Okinawa and other markets.

EM Research Organization has started the production of agricultural products using EM technology
 to ensure organic products in their own farmland about three years ago. Founded the EM leaf green onion production association in cooperation with farmers in Kitanakagusuku city and signed a sales agreement with the AEON RYUKYU CO., LTD two years ago. Now, expanding the production varieties to tomatoes and zucchini among others.

EM Sunshine Farm also provides a natural spot for visitors who stay at the EM Hotel Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel.

To enhance the production and scale the farm is planing to increase house farming as well as developing cut vegetables process. Further, their vision is to develop processed products and organize farming training and study tours in the future.

"Our object is to branding the EM farming methods and achieve pesticide-free organic farming while improving yield and market" said the Farm Manager, Mr. Oshiro.


Read the full article by clicking at Ryukyu Shimpo (Japanese only)