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Hopes for Ala Wai Canal Pollution in Hawaii

10 May 2019
Hopes for Ala Wai Canal Pollution in Hawaii
Honolulu’s Ala Wai canal is one of the most seriously polluted water body in Hawaii.
However, there is a raising concern within local residents and a group call for the "Genki Ala Wai Project" to make the canal swimmable and fishable within 7 years.
This project involves the educational sector and the community all to achieve their goal, and propose the use of EM Technology and "EM Genki Balls", as they call EM Mudballs, to control sludge and bad odors. 

Our partner, Mr. Hiromichi Nago from EM Hawaii, is the project Technical Advisor and was at the local TV to introduce the project and benefits of EM. 

Moreover, a group of high school students along with the governor of Hawaii, Mr. David Ige, had the great opportunity of throwing EM Mudballs to the watershed during the celebration of the EARTH day on April 20, 2019.

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