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EM Shrimp Farm in Thailand BAP Certified

20 Jan 2020
EM Shrimp Farm in Thailand BAP Certified
Located in Phetcfhaburi province, Nittaya farm is an eco-friendly shrimp farm that grows Vannamei shrimp without using antibiotics nor chemicals for production.

In joint project with EMRO, this farm applies EM Technology to control water quality and settle a closed water recycling purification system for replacing the ponds' water.

Shrimp from this farm are also exported to Japan and available at the EM Hotel, "EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & SPA" under the brand name of "Yui no ebi".

Recently, Nittaya farm was granted with the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) Certification for meeting the standards of Environmental Responsibility, Animal Health & Welfare, Food Safety, Social Accountability and Traceability. 

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