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EM-Grown Vegetable Received the First Award

13 Feb 2024
EM-Grown Vegetable Received the First Award
On February 10th, the award ceremony for ORGANIC・ECO-FESTA, "Healthful Agricultural Products Contest 2024" was held by the Organic Farming Promotion Association in Japan.

EM-grown tomatoes, turnips, and mandarin oranges received the First Award in their respective vegetable categories.
Furthermore, Amrita Farm's EM-grown tomato was the Grand Prix winner!
This contest analyzes vegetables for sugar content, antioxidant capacity, vitamin C, and nitrate ions, and the results are compared.

The award ceremony can be viewed Here (Japanese):

Here are the comments from the judges:

Amurita Farm
○ Grand Prix
○ First Prize in the Large Tomato Category of the Spring and Summer Season (2-times winner in a row)
○ First Prize in the Large Tomato Category of the Fall and Winter Season (2-times winner in a row)

“Amazing”, “A sugar content 12.8 is an impossible number for large tomatoes, and the antioxidant capacity is at an incredibly high level”, “I had never seen these numbers before, so I reanalyzed them once”, “Sunlight is shorter in Hokkaido than in other production areas, so this result would not be possible without absorbing some substance from the roots, not just photosynthesis. It must be the microbe's power”.

【Ms. Isa Saito from EM Research Organization, Inc.】
○First Prize in the Turnip Category

“EM Technology is very efficient”, “It is so sweet even though it’s a turnip”, “The antioxidant capacity level is 3 times higher than average, and the nitrate ions level is a totally great result as well!”

【Otani Farm】
○First Prize in the Citrus Category (11-times winner in a row)

When he first started farming, it didn’t work well. One day, he read Prof. Higa’s book and decided to use EM Technology. After he applied EM as a foliar spray, the sugar content increased, and after many tries and errors, finally his mandarin orange became the best quality. Congratulations!