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EMRO Delegation in Moscow

16 Jun 2014

Thank to the cooperation and consulting service provided by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization*), EM Research Organization is focused on the Russian market and the posibilities of establish an office to improve the management of the vast market with the cooperation of our partners, Primorskiy EM-Center, President One and the NPO BiEM. 

EMRO delegation departed for Moscow on May 11 accompanied with the JETRO staff to meet relevant persons in the business field as well as researches and professors from the Moscow State University.

They learned on the general situation of Moscow and found a great potential in the Russian market as well as significant business opportunities to expand more the EM technology.

View of the building of BiEM and Moscow City    

Meeting with Professors of the Moscow State University (left) Meeting with BiEM and Primorskiy EM-Center staff (right)

View of the business meeting with BiEM and Primorskiy EM-staff (left) and the meeting with professors from the Moscow State University (right)

*JETRO is an independent government agency established by Japan Export Trade Research Organization as a nonprofit corporation in Osaka in February 1951, and reorganized as the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1958 (later Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or METI) to consolidate Japan's efforts in export promotion. As of 2011, JETRO maintained 73 offices in 55 countries, as well as 36 regional offices in Japan, with a total staff of 1,500.
JETRO's activities focused mainly on promoting exports to other countries.