Case Studies

  • Using Eco Pig Feed

    Using Eco Pig Feed

    United States of America

    Jay's Hog Farm, located in Waianae, Hawaii, has been using EM Technology for pig farming.
    They recycle the food waste collected from restaurants to make feed for their pigs. EM Technology has been used to control bad odors around the feed preparation area. more

  • Green Sustainable Farm

    Green Sustainable Farm


    Thuy Thien Nhu Farm in Vietnam is a cyclic sustainable farm applying EM Technology for growing pigs, chicken, vegetables and fruits.
    Pigs and chicken are grown with selected EM fermented feed and manure is completely reused to make compost for vegetables and fruits cultivation.
    Their products are highly trusted by Vietnamese consumers and were awarded with the "2017 Trust and Use Award". more

  • Sustainable Dairy Farm

    Sustainable Dairy Farm


    This farm located in Huaral Province, Peru, has successfully created a perfect cyclic and sustainable system in dairy cow farming while growing corn and cotton for silage. See how! more

  • Delicious EM Milk, Less Stress for Cows

    Delicious EM Milk, Less Stress for Cows


    Tamaki Farm has been using EM for their milk production for a long time. Their EM Milk has become a famous brand in Okinawa, Japan. It is popular not only in Okinawa, but in other areas in Japan. more

  • No Antibiotics for the Chicken or Eggs

    No Antibiotics for the Chicken or Eggs


    By using EM, no more antibiotics are necessary in chicken farming. Mr. Miyagi raises healthy chickens to lay delicious & nutritious eggs and egg products. more

  • Healthy Pigs in Healthy Environment

    Healthy Pigs in Healthy Environment


    Delicious pork comes from healthy pigs raised in healthy environment. A good example can be found in Ganaha Husbandry in Okinawa, Japan. more