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Horses regain health with EM

Moscow, Russian Federation
Russian Federation
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Horses regain health with EM

Business Overview

Maxima Stables is a part of the Maxima Park complex, which is located 20 km north of Moscow. This picturesque area with modern infrastructure provides everything you need to spend an eventful holiday away from the noisy city. It is ideal for equestrian sport enthusiasts, and provides a full range of horse posting and training services that meet the highest European standards.

 Primorskiy EM Center, our partner in Russia, is working in joint project with Maxima Stables to establish a safe and  friendly enviroment for horses, applying EM Technology.
Horse running stall
Horse running stall
Horse treatment
Horse treatment

EM Application

Maxima Stables participated in an experiment with animal food supplement probiotics called "EM-Vita."

Two horses were chosen for this experiment. A 14-year-old horse with breathing problems and an 11 year-old horse with problems in gaining muscle mass.  
EM-Vita was given for six months in the experiment – intake for 3 weeks, followed by 10- day-off.   Maxima Stables also uses special EM Soap for cleaning grey fur horses.                              
Applying EM for horse treatment
Applying EM for horse treatment
Cleaning the horse with EM Soap
Cleaning the horse with EM Soap

Effects and Results

After a month of drinking EM Vita, both horses improved their hair condition. The horses' hair became smooth. The sour smell of manure disappeared, which indicates an improvement in the functioning of their intestines.  

After 3-4 months of EM Vita intake, the horse which had problems with breathing started coughing up and snot also came out. Then, it became easier for the horse to breath. The horse that did not gain weight despite the feed of corn, barley, etc., began to gain weight gradually.

However, it should be noted that these improvements do not appear immediately. It is essential to keep giving EM-Vita once everyday for a long time and follow other recommendations from the manufacturer and specialists. EM soap has proved its efficiency because it works very quickly and efficiently which is especially noticable in case of grey fur horses.
Check out this video, too.

For further information, please contact;

OOO “Primorskiy EM-Center”
Mordovtseva Str, 8D, Vladivostok 690091 Russia
TEL: 8-800-333-65-95 (free call)
FAX: +7-4232-205-864

(Updated in February, 2021)


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