Case Studies

  • Horses regain health with EM

    Horses regain health with EM

    Russian Federation

    Horses with health problems regained their health by drinking EM probiotic supplement. more

  • Earth Toilet Project II

    Earth Toilet Project II


    The Earth Toilet Project participated in the “NAKATSUGAWA - THE SOLAR BUDOKAN” for the second consecutive year. more

  • Earth Toilet Project

    Earth Toilet Project


    "Earth Toilet Project" is an eco-conscious activity to attain an odorless portable toilet by degrading excrement with the power of microbes. more

  • Love for Growing Tomatoes

    Love for Growing Tomatoes


    Mr. Arakaki has been growing Mini Tomatoes with EM Technology in his farm for 36 years. Read more more

  • 100% Water Recycling System in Shrimp Production

    100% Water Recycling System in Shrimp Production


    This shrimp farm in Thailand uses EM・1 for a 100% closed cyclic water treatment, as well as maintaining the shrimp healthy. more

  • The First Organic State in the World

    The First Organic State in the World


    In 2003, Sikkim state in India stopped importing chemical fertilizers and launched a program to convert farmers into organic applying EM Technology. Today, Sikkim state is the first organic state in the world recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and therefore, all of its farmland is certified organic. more

  • Sufficiency Economy Project

    Sufficiency Economy Project


    After a severe economic crisis in Thailand, King Phumiphon proposed the philosophy of“Sufficiency Economy".
    This means that all individuals have enough to be independent and produce their own products for self consume.
    The Royal Thai Army introduced EM as a tool to promote nature farming within rural areas to accomplish the self sufficiency program. more

  • Eco City Development Project

    Eco City Development Project


    An eco-city development project which applies EM Technology based on creating healthy and balanced environment for residents has been launched in Malaysia.
    Tanah Sutera Development Company has developed an area of 487ha at Johor Bahru City where a "Zero waste and green living environment starts with the eco-city's residents and expands to other communities and society at large”. more

  • Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces

    Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces


    EM Technologies in Kenya manages a model farm where they grow EM vegetables and fruits.
    Since 2016, EM Technologies donates EM vegetables and EM fruits grown on their farm to an AIDS orphan home.
    Currently, 30 children who lost their parents with HIV are living in this Center. more