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  • EM Roses at Swedish Prince Marriage
    EM Roses at Swedish Prince Marriage

    This is a double happy news!
    When the Swedish Prince Carl Philip got married last June, the backdrop of the main banquet table was covered with roses from Ethiopia grown with EM compost....

  • BIO Taiwan 2015 - Exhibition

    Bio Taiwan 2015 held in Taipei from July 23 to 26.
    EM Research Organization in collaboration with the business partner in Taiwan, Glorious Trading Co, Ltd, exhibited the EM・X GOLD in a booth part of the Okinawan products pavilion....

  • EM Partners Meeting in Uruguay

    The EM Manufacturers Meeting is held in Montevideo, Uruguay now.
    Partners from Latin America joined to exchange ideas and discuss on business strategies and relevant concerning in each countries....

  • International Seminars on EM Technology in Uruguay

    International Seminars on EM Technology will be held in Uruguay on June 2nd and 4th, 2015....

  • EM Organic Farm in Uganda

    This is an organic farm in Uganda where the owner applies EM Technology.
    EM Research Organization's technical officer has paid a visit along with our partner in Kenya....