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Healthy Pigs in Healthy Environment

Animal Husbandry
Healthy Pigs in Healthy Environment
Ganaha Husbandry is located in the north of Okinawa main island, in Nago city. Go through a forest of tropical timber and the farm is on a hill which looks out onto the blue sea. Ganaha Husbandry is raising Ryukyu (Okinawa) nsative pigs, “Agu”.
Surrounded by colorful flowers, it does not look like a typical pig farm. There are also no offensive smells  inside the pigpen. Clean and soft sawdust is laid on the floor of the pigpen and pigs seems to be very comfortable.
“We are mixing EM・1 into sawdust and also into the water to spray the barn. By doing this, we can keep a hygienic and healthy environment without using chemicals.” Says the farm foreman. EM・1 is also used in the pig’s drinking water, pig’s wastes and waste water treatment. 
The main feed for the Agu is barley mixed with natural fossil coral, mugwort (yomogi), garlic, seaweed, molasses, etc. Agus here are raised with good food, good water and good air!

(Updated in 2015)


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