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Agri-eco Tourism with EM

Majayjay Laguna, Philippines
Cyclic, Education/traning, Low Cost
Agri-eco Tourism with EM

Costales’ Nature Farm (Abridged Version)

Founded in 2005 by Mr. Ronald Costales, the model farm is located in Majayjay Laguna, Philippines covering an area of 5ha.
The farm applied EM Technology in vegetables, fruit plants cultivation, animal husbandry and fish cultivation.
It is the land for agri-eco tourism with high standard quality regarding organic integrity, environment-friendly practices and sustainable farming.
It also has accommodation facilities and a restaurant where the Costales family and staff conduct workshops to learn how to prepare activated EM・1, EM Bokashi and EM applications in farming.
Costales’ Nature Farm was awarded as the Most Outstanding Organic Farm of the Philippines for the year 2012 recognized by Mr. Benigno Simeon Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines on November 13th, 2012.

Current promotions

Using EM technology and practicing organic farming, CNF has opened up as an Agritourism Destination.

EM helps to remove the odor in the chickens and pigs to make it more accommodating to guests.

Future Applications

•In 2018, we are aiming to increase consumption of EM1 per month
•Pursuing CNF’s advocacy to promote and provide overall wellness in agritourism, we are developing an ORGANIC POOL and a BOKASHI SPA with EM technology

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